Transitions Pro: how to finance your training with a PTP?

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Transitions Pro: how to finance your training with a PTP?

Are you an employee seriously considering training to help you develop your career? The Projet de Transition Professionnelle (PTP) is a golden opportunity that allows you not only to take time off for training, but also to keep your salary. 

But beware: access to this advantageous financing is not something you can improvise. In this article, we'll guide you through the essential steps to maximize your chances of obtaining the Projet de Transition Professionnelle.

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What is the Professional Transition Project? 

Definition of the Professional Transition Project

The Projet de Transition Professionnelle, also known as the CPF de transition, is an initiative that enables employees to take a break from their current job to follow a training course leading to a qualification.
Designed to help with professional retraining, this scheme replaces individual training leave (CIF) and is accessible to all employees. In addition to financing the training, it enables employees to retain their salary during this period.

Who is the PTP for? 

The Projet de Transition Professionnelle (PTP) is mainly aimed at employees with permanent contracts who have accumulated 24 months of salaried employment, including 12 months with the same company .

These three key criteria must be met: 

  • The coherence of your project
  • The relevance of training
  • Employment prospects.

But that's not all: employees on fixed-term contracts can also benefit if they meet specific conditions.
Seniority conditions are waived for disabled workers and employees made redundant for economic reasons.

For which professional projects can the Professional Transition Project be used?

If you're looking for a career change, the PTP can help you make it happen.
But that's not the only use of this scheme. You can also use it to enhance your skills in your current field, and thus develop your career.

How does Transition Pro work?

How much does Transition Pro fund? 

The Transitios Pro scheme can finance your training up to €21,600. Your CPF rights will be used first, until they are exhausted.
Once you have been accepted, your Professional Training Account is reset to zero.


What are the remuneration conditions during a training course financed by Transitions Pro? 

The Professional Transition Project has the advantage of allowing you to benefit from remuneration during your training. Your remuneration conditions depend on several criteria: 

  •  If your average salary is less than or equal to €3,494.40, the remuneration received during training is 100% of your average salary
  •  If your salary exceeds this limit, you will receive 90% of your average reference salary.

If you are on a fixed-term contract and your training starts within 6 months of the end of your contract, the Commission Paritaire Interprofessionnelle Régionale (CPIR) will pay your remuneration.

What are the employee's rights during training financed by Transitions Pro? 

When you opt for training via Transition Pro, it's important to know that your employment contract is suspended, but not terminated. You therefore retain your entitlement to paid leave and Social Security benefits. This training time is even considered as working time, enabling you to accumulate seniority.

Which Jedha training courses are eligible for the PTP? 

What training courses are eligible for the Professional Transition Project? 

Le financement par le PTP  ne couvre pas toutes les offres de formation. Seules les formations certifiantes enregistrées au Répertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles (RNCP) peuvent en bénéficier. Rendez-vous sur France Travail (le nouveau nom de Pôle Emploi), et consultez “rechercher une formation” pour les identifier.

👉The majority of Jedha training courses meet these criteria, being certified. 

Can the PTP be used to finance several Jedha training courses? 

With Transition Pro, you have the freedom to choose a training course or a training track offered by Jedha. For example, if you're a complete beginner and want to become a Data Scientist, you can have a Complete Data Science Track financed, comprising 3 courses (Essentials, Fullstack and Lead). 

What types of training are covered by the Professional Transition Project?

 The Professional Transition Project offers you flexibility in your choice of training mode: classroom, distance or hybrid .

👉 At Jedha, our Bootcamps training courses are eligible for this funding. However, if you choose our On Demand (flexible, online) training courses, you will continue to work for your employer on a part-time basis and attend your training course the rest of the time.

How do I apply for a Professional Transition Project for Jedha training courses? 

How do I apply for a Professional Transition Project? 

Ready to make a change in your career? Here's how to carry out your Professional Transition Project (PTP) in 6 clear steps: 

  • Consult a professional development advisor (CEP): These advisors are experts in career guidance and are offered free of charge. They will help you validate and plan your training project.
  • Make an appointment with Jedha: Talk to the Jedha team to find out more about the training courses on offer and confirm your eligibility. 
  • Letter to the Employer: Draft and send a written request for leave of absence to your employer. This letter should contain information such as the duration, cost and purpose of the planned training.
  • Create your Online Space: Register on the Transitions Pro platform specific to your region to start the application process. For example, if you're in the Île-de-France region, log on to Transitions Pro IDF
  • Complete your Dossier Transitions Pro: On the platform, fill in the required fields, including the nature of the training, its duration and cost.
  • Evaluation by Transitions Pro: A joint committee will evaluate your application based on criteria such as project relevance, financing and job prospects.

Once you've completed these steps, all you have to do is wait to hear from Transitions Pro whether your training project has been accepted. Our admissions team is here to support you every step of the way.

What are the deadlines for submitting a Professional Transition Project?

Your application must be submitted to Transitions Pro at least 3 months before the start of training. To maximize your chances of funding, it's crucial to respect the imposed deadlines.
‍Theemployer has 30 days to respond, otherwise authorization is automatically granted. 

Can an employer refuse a request for professional transition leave?

Your employer can only refuse a request for a PTP if you do not meet the seniority conditions, or if the compulsory deadlines are not respected.
He can only postpone your PTP for up to 9 months. This deferral is justifiable if your absence is detrimental to the company, or if it exceeds the quota for simultaneous absences based on the size of the company.

The Professional Transition Project: Your gateway to success

Don't wait any longer to realize your professional ambitions. The Professional Transition Project is a powerful tool for those who know how to prepare for it. By scrupulously following the steps in this article and respecting the deadlines, your dream of retraining or upgrading your skills is within reach. And remember, the Jedha team is here to guide you through this often complex process.

Take the time to examine the various possibilities for additional financing, which could complement the use of your PTP application. 

Frequently asked questions about the Professional Transition Project (PTP)

What is the Démission Pro scheme and how can you use it to finance your training?

Le dispositif Démission Pro vous permet, si vous êtes en CDI, de démissionner pour vous reconvertir, tout en bénéficiant de l'allocation chômage. Pour y accéder, vous devez justifier de 5 ans d'activité continue et faire valider votre projet par une commission paritaire. Ce dispositif se distingue de Transition Pro, qui est destiné aux salariés souhaitant suivre une formation tout en restant dans leur emploi actuel.

How do I make an appointment with a career development advisor?

To make an appointment with your nearest CEP, visit

My employer doesn't respond to my request for a Professional Transition Project. What can I do?

You can ask employee representatives to intervene. You can also refer the matter to the Labour Inspectorate.

How long does it take Transitions Pro to respond to my application?

Transitions Pro's response time varies, but is usually within a few weeks. Be sure to monitor the status of your file regularly online or by contacting an advisor.

How important is attendance during PTP training?

Attendance during training is crucial to the success of your Professional Transition Project. Unjustified absence or recurrent poor attendance can have serious consequences, ranging from non-financing of the training to the obligation to reimburse sums already incurred by Transitions Pro or your employer. To maximize your chances of success, it's imperative that you take your training seriously and comply with attendance requirements.

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Julien Fournari
Julien Fournari
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