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Benoît Yèche
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Jedha - Our students' opinions ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Are you considering one of our Data or Cyber training courses? To help you make up your own mind about Jedha, we've put together this article: 

  • Average rating for Jedha Bootcamp
  • List of platforms with reviews of Jedha 
  • A representative selection of reviews submitted by our alumni
Reconvert to Tech and turn your career around!
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Technology trainingTechnology training

Note moyenne de Jedha : 4,96/5 sur 863 avis 

Dernière mise à jour : le 7 avril 2024.

En moyenne, nos formations ont obtenu une note de 4,96/5 sur les différentes plateformes de notation. Cette note se base sur 863 témoignages, soit une part significative de nos alumni : 40% d’entre eux a dépose un avis public sur Jedha. 

Mais le plus important, c’est que vous puissiez vous forger votre propre avis sur nos formations. Pour cela, nous avons listés ci-dessous les différentes plateformes avec des témoignages sur Jedha et la note moyenne obtenue :

Jedha Bootcamp awards

The reviews submitted by our alumni on various rating platforms have earned us numerous awards and recognitions over the years. These testify to the seriousness and quality of our training courses: 

2023 : 

2022 : 

  • Best Data Science Bootcamp - Course Report

2021 : 

  • Best Coding Bootcamp - Switchup

Opinions on our Data training courses 

We offer 2 training paths for working in Data: Data Analysis, and Data Science. These courses have been landmarks in the Data field, and have been acclaimed by our students since their launch in 2017. 

We've selected some of their testimonials below, but don't hesitate to check out the review left by our alumni Antoine Guerrini on Medium, as well as the reviews left by several students on Quora.

Vincent's testimony on Switchup, a student in our Data Essentials course in 2023: 

"A successful data initiation at Jedha!"

"Seduced by data for my reconversion, I chose Jedha to introduce me to it. Their two-week essentials training course provided me with an excellent foundation. For someone like me who likes a challenge, it was perfect. The teachers were patient, friendly and always ready to help 🙂"

Morgane's testimony on TrustPilot, a student in our Data Science Fullstack course in 2023 : 

"A quality bootcamp

"I took the Data Science Fullstack training course in bootcamp mode and I'm very satisfied with it. The course materials are top-quality, and the lecturers are relevant and educational.

I appreciated the balance between theoretical courses and practical exercises, often split between the morning and afternoon. 

This course has enabled me to develop my skills in working independently, but also in a group, particularly during the end-of-course project.

I highly recommend this bootcamp to people wishing to develop a first solid background in Data Science."

Muriel's testimonial on Course Report, a student in our Data Analysis Fullstack course in 2023 : 

"3 intensive months but 100% fun"

"Training that lived up to my expectations. Very comprehensive program in python and SQL and a great deal of software tamed. Caring, motivating and available teachers. 3 intensive months but 100% fun."

Yannick's testimonial on Course Report, a student in our Data Science Lead course in 2023: 

"We are trained on very interesting and business-oriented tools".

"Intense, very interesting and high quality training. We are trained on hyper interesting and business oriented tools. Docker, kubernetes, mlflow, pipelines, automation.... Bravo and thank you for the quality of the courses! I highly recommend it!"

Reviews of our Cybersecurity training courses

Since 2021, we have also been offering 2 Cybersecurity training courses: a beginner's course, and an advanced course to retrain in the field. We have put together a selection of reviews submitted by former students and representative of their experience at Jedha. 

The testimonial of Jérôme on Switchup, student in our Cybersécurite Essentials course in 2023 : 

"Jedha focuses on practice rather than pure theory".

"Jedha, is a really nice and competent school. I chose this school to discover cybersecurity, and I wasn't disappointed. Unlike most schools, Jedha puts the emphasis on practice rather than pure theory. You learn the theory, then move straight on to the exercises. This initiation opened my mind to the world of cybersecurity."

Joseph's testimonial on Course Report, a student in our Cybersecurity Fullstack course in 2023 : 

"Jedha's Cyber training courses are of the highest quality".

"Jedha's Cyber training courses are of the highest quality. The spirit of mutual aid between students, the patience of our teachers and the relevance of the courses really impressed me! Small downside: for someone from a totally different sector, it can be difficult to assimilate so much information ... Despite this, I would recommend this course 100%".

How Jedha compares with other Data & Cyber courses

We know that choosing a training course is not something you do lightly. It's a major investment of time and money for you. 

To help you make the best possible choice, we've written several articles comparing our courses to competing programs, so you can understand the differences and similarities. 

And we hope: to choose the best course for you. Because we're convinced that there's no such thing as the best school. The best training is the one that suits you best and enables you to realize your professional project! 

Conclusion: it's up to you! 

You now have all the information you need to make the right choice. And if you'd like to find out more about our training courses, you can : 

Jedha Bootcamp Open EveningJedha Bootcamp Open Evening
Benoît Yèche
Benoît Yèche
Chief Marketing Officer
Benoît has been Jedha Bootcamp's Chief Marketing Officer since December 2022. A graduate of HEC and Sciences Po Paris, he specialized in marketing and start-ups. Passionate about Data Marketing and continuing education, he joined Jedha to develop the reputation of the benchmark Data and Cybersecurity school!

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