Frequently asked questions

Here you'll find the answers to your most frequently asked questions. You can also ask them live on our Open Evenings.

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Who are Jedha courses for?

Are there any prerequisites for joining the Jedha programs?

What will I be able to do professionally after the courses?

What salary will I be entitled to?

How far in advance of a session can I register?

I have a disability. Can I access your training courses?

I'm already on the job! Are your courses available part-time or in the evening?


Are you eligible for the CPF?

Can my company finance the training?

Do you offer bank loans or student loans?

Je m’auto-finance, proposez-vous des facilités de paiement ?

Can I be financed by Pôle Emploi?

How much do your Data & Cybersecurity training courses cost?


How many people attend your training courses?

What's a typical day like at a Bootcamp?

How long do the Jedha trainings last?

What makes Jedha training unique?


Quels types de certification peut-on obtenir à l’issue d’une formation ?

How much do the various certifications cost?

How does the certification process work?


What language are the courses taught in?

Do I have to bring my own computer?

Is it possible to follow the training at a distance?

I will be absent one day, will I be able to make up the lessons?