Cybersecurity Certification

Train in Cybersecurity and obtain your "Cybersecurity Auditor" certificate.

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For organizations, the risks related to cybersecurity are more and more present, the multiplication of cyberattacks and human errors has increased the need for cybersecurity specialists. The security of the State, of organizations (public administrations and OIV) and of private companies therefore requires continuing to recruit significantly in this field. The cyber risk for organizations will increase exponentially over the next few years.

The Cybersecurity Auditor certification confirms the expertise of the certified person to practice the profession and validates that he/she is able to implement a wide range of skills in order to deal with complex and diverse situations. Indeed, the technological expertise varies according to the operating systems, the production environment, the network environment and the types of security threats. The Cybersecurity Auditor is able to establish an audit plan according to the company's needs / specifications and to define the audit methodology to be used in order to detect possible threats to the Information System (IS). A security audit allows to analyze the IT infrastructure and to identify the weak points of the systems, in particular hardware, software, data and procedures.

The Cybersecurity Auditor examines the infrastructure and verifies if the tools and software are configured correctly. He performs tests on the vulnerability of the network, the operating system and the applications present on the server to provide recommendations on the security measures to be put in place. A complete audit ensures clear explanations to correct vulnerabilities.

The "Cybersecurity Auditor" certificate is broken down into the following 4 blocks:

Block n°1 - Cybersecurity project management

Block n°2 - Management of networks and computer systems

Block n°3 - IS security audit

Block 4 - Design of cybersecurity defense measures

Obtaining the "Cybersecurity Auditor" certification can lead to several technical or managerial jobs in Cybersecurity:

  • Cybersecurity auditor
  • Cybersecurity designer
  • Pentester
  • IT Security Manager
  • SOC Analyst
  • Incident Management Analyst