Ironhack review: how does it differ from Jedha?

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Ironhack review: how does it differ from Jedha?

Looking for the best school to retrain in Tech? You've come to the right place! 

To help you see things more clearly, in this article we compare Ironhack and Jedha, 2 schools renowned for their training in Tech with campuses in France! 

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Ironhack vs Jedha: the main differences 

In this article, we'll look at the strengths and weaknesses of each school. But before we begin this detailed comparison, here's a look at the biggest differences between Ironhack and Jedha

  • Training language: Ironhack delivers its courses entirely in English, while Jedha offers its courses in French or English! 
  • The courses on offer: Ironhack is a general IT school, while Jedha is a specialist in Data and Cybersecurity. 
  • Level-based training: Jedha offers a unique level-based training system with 3 levels (Essentials, Fullstack, and Lead) to suit your professional project! 
  • Face-to-face: Jedha has 10 campuses in France, compared with Ironhack's 1 in Paris. Jedha also offers all its full-time training courses face-to-face, in addition to distance learning! 

Ironhack vs Jedha: presentation 


Ironhack is an international tech school through and through! It was founded in 2013 in Madrid by Gonzalo Manrique and Ariel Quinones. They went on to launch the school in Miami in the USA and in around ten countries in France and Europe. 

Their range of training courses has also expanded over the years, and Ironhack is now a general IT school with courses in Web Dev, Data, Cyber and Product Design. 


Founded in 2017 in Paris, Jedha has also become an international school in just a few years, with 17 campuses around the world, including 10 in France. 

But unlike Ironhack, Jedha's courses are much more specialized. Our school was the first to offer a Data Sciences Bootcamp in France, and one of the first in the world to create a Cybersecurity Bootcamp.

Ironhack vs Jedha: training & learning methods  

In a nutshell: Ironhack and Jedha both specialize in Bootcamps, fast-track training courses that enable you to learn a tech profession in just a few months. 

Nevertheless, there are some important differences in the way we learn: we'll come back to them in detail! 

Jedha: certification courses in Data and Cybersecurity 

Jedha specializes in professional retraining. The aim of our training courses is to enable you to learn a new trade in Tech. To achieve this, we offer training in 3 areas: 

Unlike most other schools, we offer several levels of training (Beginner, Advanced and Expert) in each field. These levels can be combined to suit your starting level, and your desired exit level. This makes our Data and Cybersecurity courses accessible to everyone, whether you've coded before or not, and whether you've studied science or not. 

Our training courses are also highly flexible. You can follow them : 

  • Part-time or full-time 
  • Face-to-face, distance learning, or a mix of the two.

Ironhack: training in a variety of tech professions

Like Jedha, Ironhack is a specialist in fast-track training for retraining in the tech industry. But it offers a broader spectrum of training than Jedha, in 4 areas: 

  • Web dev
  • UX/UI Design
  • Data Analysis
  • and Cybersecurity

All Ironhack courses can be taken remotely, but only some can be taken face-to-face on our Paris campus. It's also important to note that all courses are taught entirely in English, so a good level of English is essential. 

Finally, Ironhack offers its students the choice of full-time, 9-week programs, or part-time, 6-month programs. Their Cybersecurity training is a little longer: 12 weeks full-time, 26 weeks part-time. 

Ironhack vs Jedha: which school gets the best reviews?  

In short: both schools receive excellent feedback from their alumni. To help you make up your own mind, we've put together a non-exhaustive selection of testimonials from Ironhack and Jedha alumni. You can also visit the various rating platforms! 

Ironhack review: 4.65/5 out of 2637 reviews

Last update: November 17, 2023.

Here are the reviews obtained by Ironhack on the different rating platforms:

  • 4.8 out of 5 (69 reviews) on Google
  • 2.3 out of 5 (9 reviews) on TrustPilot
  • 4.8 out of 5 (1285 reviews) on Switch Up
  • 4.8 out of 5 (1070 reviews) on Course Report
  • 2.9 out of 5 (204 reviews) on Glassdoor

In order to maintain complete transparency, we have integrated reviews posted by Ironhack teachers and administrative staff on Glassdoor. The same approach has been applied to reviews of Jedha.

Ironhack's strengths according to alumni reviews

  • The professional aspect: "The projects are very concrete and professionalizing! In 10 weeks, you come away with the right skills to get started in this business, even without having any prior training grounding."
  • The learning environment: "The classroom atmosphere is very friendly, and the campus is modern and conveniently located. 👍🏻"
  • Support from the teaching staff: "The teachers and assistants are competent and, above all, attentive to students' needs".

Ironhack's weaknesses, according to alumni opinions

  • The level of experience of some teachers: "Ironhack seems to mainly hire former students as teaching and learning assistants. I'm not talking about experienced UX designers who want to be of service, but people who, outside the bootcamp, have no experience in the field."

Testimonials about Jedha

Last update: September 20, 2023.

Jedha getsexcellent testimonials on various platforms: 

Positive testimonials

  • Face-to-face training and level of support: "I chose jedha because it offered the possibility of face-to-face training, with support available all day long, and so I could start without any previous knowledge. I liked the pace and the way the different subjects were covered".
  • Learning by doing: "Unlike most schools, Jedha puts the emphasis on practice rather than pure theory. You learn the theory, then move straight on to the exercises. This initiation opened my mind to the world of cybersecurity."
  • Expertise in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: "I found the program comprehensive in data science, especially the supervised, unsupervised and deep learning machine learning parts."

Negative testimonials

  • Not enough theory: "There's not much theory, and you'll be competing on the job market with candidates who have done masters or theses, who have a much better grasp of theoretical concepts."

Ironhack vs Jedha: Formations prizes

In short: Jedha's training courses are slightly less expensive than those offered by Ironhack. Jedha offers €7,495 for a complete Data Analysis course, compared with €8,000 at Ironhack. 

Ironhack training prices

Prices vary only according to the field of training, but they are the same whether you are attending a face-to-face course on their Paris campus or by distance learning. Prices are also the same whether you take the course full-time or part-time. 

  • Cybersecurity training: €8,500
  • Data analysis training: €8,000
  • Web development training: €8,000 
  • UX/UI design training: €8,000

Jedha training prices

Good news: Jedha's fee structure is even simpler! Our training fees depend solely on the level of training (Essentials, Fullstack or Lead): 

  • Essentials training (70 to 75h): €1,495 
  • Fullstack training (420 to 450h): €7,495
  • Lead training (112h): €2,995

You can consult our detailed price list on our dedicated page. And to make it easy for you to pay for your training, we offer a wide range of payment facilities: payment in 3 instalments, free of charge, or a student loan. Our training courses are also eligible for the CPF.  

Conclusion: choose the school that suits you best! 

You now have all the keys you need to make the right choice, i.e. the school that best suits your career plans and personal constraints. 

Are you interested in Jedha's training courses? There are several ways to find out more about our training courses: 

Jedha Bootcamp Open EveningJedha Bootcamp Open Evening
Benoît Yèche
Benoît Yèche
Chief Marketing Officer
Benoît has been Jedha Bootcamp's Chief Marketing Officer since December 2022. A graduate of HEC and Sciences Po Paris, he specialized in marketing and start-ups. Passionate about Data Marketing and continuing education, he joined Jedha to develop the reputation of the benchmark Data and Cybersecurity school!

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