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Data Science for Ecology - Agricool x Jedha
Youtube Live - registration required] How is Data Science changing urban agriculture?

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We want to democratise data and its good practices in companies. That is why we invite our partners to share their experience.

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Explore the world of Data

Applications of Data, technologies to master, playful approaches to highly technical concepts:
our events are always motivated by our desire to popularize and democratize Data and its skills.
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Covid-19: how to adapt your Data strategy?
When companies and organizations go through periods where the world is subject to great upheaval, where man is no longer able to rely on historical data: what to do to react to all this? Cédric, co-founder @ Kardinal explains how to manage these important changes.
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Build a recommendation engine
"You might also like" Recommendation systems are used in many, many industries: Netflix, Amazon, Reddit suggest products or services that are best suited to your profile or interests. But these apps are far from the only ones...
Increase your skills
Automated Machine Learning
Predict, automate, recommend. The uses of Machine Learning in business are ever more numerous. Adopted by a growing number of companies, these tools are shaking up business codes and processes. Today, technologies exist to automate them, let's focus on them!