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"I have an atypical profile

It is this diversity of profiles within our programmes that we are most proud of. This diversity itself is plural. Employees, job seekers, freelancers, entrepreneurs, students, the profiles of our students are varied, as much in their professional status, their age, their background. In this sense, from one year to the next, the Jedha community only grows richer!

Marketers, sales people, financiers, consultants, but also journalists, soldiers, film makers: you have a story to share, an expertise to show to recruiters with your newly acquired skills in Data or Cybersecurity. Technical, support, manual and functional professions have all been through our training courses.

Fulfilling your professional objectives remains our ultimate goal! Whether you are motivated by a position in the sector, or by intellectual curiosity, whether you wish to retrain or create your own company, make an appointment with our admissions team to get their advice.

Get your job

Having a job in Data or Cybersecurity, becoming a freelancer in these sectors, your objective is certainly that of reconversion. No matter what your background is in terms of function or sector of activity, you can make a 360° reconversion towards technical professions that will satisfy you. Our bootcamps are designed for this.

Increase your skills in your current job

Retraining is not the only option! You may well prefer to evolve in your current job to take on more technical assignments, or move internally to another position. If you feel that your skills are not up to date with what is required at work, move on now before you are too far behind!

Start or develop your business project

Here again, the objectives achieved can be multiple: depending on the training you follow, you can choose to create the algorithm you want to implement in your application, or, with a more complete programme, to create this application from scratch. An example of a company created by our alumni? Mama, the cooking recipe recommendation system.

Fully successful conversions

Nicolas Szabo
From Industry to Data
After joining the French Navy for 3 years, he started an engineering course and worked in the industrial sector for 5 years. Wanting to retrain by staying in the scientific sector, he graduated from Jedha in 2020. He then started an internship at Quantmetry, one of the biggest data consulting firms in Paris, before signing his permanent contract!
Aimée Jagou
From Music to Data
Aimée wanted to work in the music industry: she studied business and then at Berklee College of Music. She launched her career as a Projct Manager, then founded her own music label. Still wanting to work in the music industry, she joined Jedha where she did a final project on rap lyrics generation! She then got her perfect job mixing music and data at Quansic as a Data Analyst, the company running the largest artist database.
Ismail El Hatimi
From customer service to data
After a very academic curriculum, Ismail started a career as a Strategy Consultant for almost 4 years. He discovered the world of Data and matured the idea of becoming a Data Scientist or Data Analyst. Then he took the step with Jedha by completing the Fullstack Data training, where he carried out a project on the prediction of tennis match victory. With this portfolio in his pocket, he got his job at La Javaness, in Data consulting in 2020!
Emmanuell Guyot
Paris Campus
After studying mathematics, Emmanuelle started a career as a Strategy Consultant for 4 years. She reconnected with her interest in mathematics by launching her application to help people learn maths, and wanted to implement a Machine Learning feature. She then started her studies at Jedha. After working on various freelance projects, she was hired by Groupama as a Data Scientist.
Emmanuelle Dennemont
Cybersecurity Developer
Trained as a developer, Emmanuelle knew that cybersecurity would be an integral part of her current position. Securing data, infrastructure, so many issues that she will have to face. From then on, she took the Cybersecurity Essentials training course and established these foundations.
Charles Vest
From marketing to data
After graduating from business school, Charles quickly moved into marketing and advertising, where he worked for three years. He then took advantage of a professional break to think about his career change. He then joined the Jedha community to increase his skills, starting from almost 0. In September 2021, he joined the consulting firm Artefact!
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A close-knit and active community

Between your expertise in Data, Cybersecurity, but also with the expertise you have acquired through your past experiences, you can count on the general emulsion around your professional projects.

While interactivity is one of the foundations of each of our promotions, we insist on the exchange between our alumni once they have finished their sessions. Between events, post-training aperitifs, or even big annual Tech meetings, we make it a point of honor to unite our community.

A problem with the code? A method problem? Need advice or want to get feedback on a company or a particular tool? Ask your question on our Discord, the Jedha messaging system.

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Our students as entrepreneurs

Victor Nitu
Founder @ Phi Skills
After working for 5 years as a Software Engineer, I followed the Fullstack training for 3 intensive months. The goal was to discover new ways to solve the increasingly complex challenges of my clients. A little more than a month later, I have already had several opportunities to put my new knowledge into practice for my clients. For example, I proposed to a client to use Machine Learning to automate a 3D design transformation process. And most importantly, the Jedha community is great. I have met some very nice people there. This training has been a very enriching experience!
Jérémy Chevalier
CEO @ MyTroopers
When I signed up with Jedha I wasn't very specific about what I wanted to do, I just knew that I had a lot of data on the customer and supplier side and that I could do something interesting with it. For example, predicting the growth of my customer base or matching customers and carriers according to their specificities, or simply processing the data to see more clearly. I also had a recruitment plan, so this was an opportunity for me to get into the technical side. Of course, I worked on my company's case for my final project and all this still helps me in my activity today!
Boukar Sall
Founder @ Plaiz
I work in the tech industry and like many people, I thought I understood what AI and Machine Learning were. It's amazing how far you can go in acquiring such technical skills. I never imagined that I could build such complex Machine Learning algorithms in such a short time. The professors and teacher assistants had a very good ability to link the teaching of theoretical concepts with their daily work, and this allowed me to link it all to my own. These skills will serve me well for the rest of my career and life!

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The ambitious projects of our students

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