3 Data training coursesadapted to each one

Whether you want to learn how to manage a team, understand the pipeline or master the techniques, our Data training courses will help you achieve your professional goals.

Build your future in data

Our intensive Data & Cybersecurity courses

We have built Data courses that correspond to your initial level and your professional objectives. Each course is delivered on a full-time or part-time basis to suit your availability.

Jedha fundamentals
40 hours
Essentials Data Bootcamp

Learn the fundamentals of Data. You will use Business Intelligence and Data Visualization tools with Tableau, manipulate SQL databases on the Google Cloud Platform, learn how to program in Python and the fundamentals of statistics to conduct A/B tests and studies on structured data sets. Finally, you will learn how to build Machine Learning algorithms to create your first Artificial Intelligence applications.

Whether you are starting from scratch or you want to manage a Data team, this program is for you. 

Full Stack Data Science Bootcamp Jedha
420 hours
Fullstack Data Bootcamp

In this training, you will master the Data pipeline. First, you will learn about data mining and statistical principles. Then, you will start Data Management with the use of the AWS cloud platform. You will build advanced Machine Learning and Deep Learning algorithms. You will learn how to use Big Data technologies with Spark to finish with the deployment of your Data applications with Docker and SageMaker.

If you want to launch your AI project or start your career as a Data Analyst or Data Scientist, this program is for you.

Data Engineering Bootcamp Jedha
70 hours
Lead Data Bootcamp

Learn to manage all types of data infrastructures. You will learn to build, maintain and optimize complex pipelines. You will learn to code in Scala to manage Big Data problems. You will build ETL processes with Airflow as well as DevOps with Gitlab and production environments with Docker and Kubernetes. After this training, you will reach a Lead level in Data and will have skills that are extremely rare in the market.

If you are looking to get a job as a Data Engineer, this program is for you.

We have built Data courses that correspond to your initial level and your professional objectives. Each course is delivered on a full-time or part-time basis to suit your availability.

Data Engineering Bootcamp Jedha
40 hours
Cybersecurity Essentials

Develop all the skills you need to protect your IT infrastructure and close the loopholes that make it vulnerable!
Get the skills of an ethical hacker

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The most recognized data training

Avec une note moyenne de 4.97/5, Jedha se place en première place au classement des formations Data en France. Au-delà de la note, ceci est le reflet de notre volonté d'apporter un savoir en phase avec les besoins des étudiants et des entreprises.

C'est une vraie fierté de pouvoir accompagner nos étudiants dans la réalisation de leurs projets professionnels, de les rendre autonomes en Data et les voir apporter de la valeur aux entreprises dans lesquelles ils travaillent.

Leur formation a pu les ouvrir à de nouveaux horizons, que ce soit pour monter leur startup dans l'IA ou pour lancer leur carrière dans la Data.

jedha campus lyon
#1 France
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Job Support
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Cybersecurity expertise

Since Jedha has been present in the data training market for 3 years, the school launches its own programme in Cybersecurity, with the same excellent pedagogical approach.

Written in the same style as its data programmes, the Cybersecurity Essentials training aims to democratize cybersecurity skills in an environment where attacks on business and personal are becoming more and more frequent.

Learn the best practices to secure your information systems and protect yourself against possible cybercriminal attacks.

jedha campus lyon

The philosophy of the
Data training courses at Jedha

At Jedha, the training is focused on practice. You will work on real Data cases that you will find in your company. You will learn how to code according to good practices.

Our objective is to make you autonomous on any Data problems so that you can solve them by yourself. Our training courses are in fact demanding and you will leave with an extremely advanced technical and theoretical background. 

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All the advice from Charles, our Content Master!
Charles Tanguy, one of the co-authors of the Jedha Data trainings explains our vision in detail.