Product Manager Data job: salary, studies, missions and skills

Product Manager Data

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Would you like to follow a training course in Data Analysis? Thanks to the skills you have acquired, you can move towards the Data Product Management profession to help a company optimise its marketing strategies and processes. Indeed, companies need solutions to manage their big data which are difficult to process by human capacities and by classic IT tools and also to offer an advantage over the competition by responding to the needs of the customers. The product data manager analyses and transforms data into intelligible and exploitable information. A look at the role, mission, skills, qualities and salary of the product manager.

What is a Product Manager Data?

The Product Manager Data is a data science specialist who develops digital products and/or services for use in B2B and B2C environments. He or she has become an indispensable professional in the implementation of the company's strategy, particularly in the management of projects and in the development of the product vision in the long term. 

The products are designed to improve the daily life of users. Indeed, the user is at the centre of the data project during the entire product construction process, and his feedback and opinions are taken into account. Data Product Management is an important lever for the company to become a leader in its sector of activity, as it involves developing innovative products that offer ergonomic user interfaces. It is a sure way to not only meet the needs of the user, but also to avoid wasting skills, resources and time.

What is its role/missions 

The main role of the Product Manager Data is to develop and improve a company's digital product. To achieve this, he/she defines the product vision and roadmaps, identifies user needs and deploys effective management tools to drive the project. He/she manages the discovery phase, which enables the Pain Point client to be identified and specific steps to be taken to obtain more information about user needs, in order to propose reliable solutions. He/she is responsible for setting up the company's performance indicators that allow the project's objectives to be defined and to know whether the work carried out by the IT team has a positive impact on the business. 

This data professional is responsible for organising the work of the tech and product teams, taking into account the added value of each feature for the company, the time needed to complete the project and the realities of the market. From the construction of the product to its launch, they work in collaboration with all the people involved in the development of the project.

Skills / qualities 

The product data manager is a business-oriented analytical profile. The job requires business and marketing skills. You need to have knowledge of development and technology, which is essential for defining the product and understanding the work of the tech team. This data science professional must have a good ability to work in a group to facilitate collaboration with all the teams involved in the implementation of the data product. As a manager, he or she must be a good communicator and have the ability to listen to the opinions and ideas of his or her colleagues in order to make the right decisions for the success of the project.

He must have a good knowledge of user experience, without necessarily being a UX Designer. They must have the specific ability to approach users easily, to ask them the right questions and to know their needs as well as possible: this is an essential step for proposing reliable solutions. They must be able to put themselves in the user's shoes and test the product themselves.

A good product manager has good organisational skills and patience, as he/she manages a large amount of information.

What is the average salary of a Product Manager Data?

The average salary of a Product Manager data varies according to experience, company size, geographical location and many other criteria. A junior profile can earn between €35,000 and €45,000 per year, while a senior profile earns between €54,000 and €80,000. Some PMs are paid above these ranges.

Evolution in the profession

The Product Manager can progress to the position of Chief Product Officer to lead the product strategy of a company to boost its growth. With experience, they can also become Lead Expert, Lead Product Manager or Head of Product. 

How to become a Product Manager Data?

There is no specific profile or career path to become a Product Manager Data. People with development, marketing and business skills are preferred profiles for a successful career in this discipline of data science. In this profession, profile and experience are essential parameters. An enthusiast can start by designing or developing his or her own product. 

Today, there are schools of Data Science and Tech that offer training to enable learners to succeed in Data Product Management. It is also possible to enter this profession by completing a minimum of 3 years training in digital strategies, once you have obtained your baccalaureate. 

The concept of Data Product Management has become essential in both large companies and start-ups, those professionals who wish to offer quality data products to end users. The Data Product Manager is important to have an optimised time to market and to boost the economic growth of companies that adopt it. This profession is very attractive to companies, but demand is greater than supply. Recruiters do not hesitate to offer high salaries to attract and hire the most talented product manager profiles on the job market. Following a training course therefore allows you to acquire skills in business and technology, a solid advantage that favours professional integration.

Alizé Turpin
Written by
Alizé Turpin
Director of Admissions