Data Science: top 4 best courses in France

Data Science: top 4 best courses in France

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If you want to become an outstanding data professional, Jedha presents you the 4 best Data Science trainings with a curriculum specially designed to meet the needs of companies and facilitate your professional insertion. We provide the best data science training in France. Our programs provide you with the necessary skills to become a highly competent Data Scientist.

We give you a taste of our article with the ranking of the 4 best formations:

  • Jedha Bootcamp (because we know the value of our trainings and we have the best satisfaction rate)
  • DataCamp
  • OpenClassrooms
  • Udemy

The amount of data generated by companies today is constantly increasing. Therefore, they are constantly looking for experts to transform it into valuable business information. At Jedha, we offer specialized training courses similar to those offered by business schools in the field of data science. Read this page to find out more.

What is Data Science?

To quickly explain what Data Science is, it is a set of methods and strategies to analyze a large amount of data. Using mathematics, statistics and computer science, it integrates many techniques such as machine learning, data mining and data visualization.

This discipline enables an organization to explore andanalyze rawdata and turn it into valuable information. It facilitates decision making and improves profitability, operational efficiency, performance, and workflows. The benefits of data science vary depending on the purpose and industry.

For example, sales departments use it to improve conversion rates or create more effective marketing campaigns. Customer-facing businesses use it to help identify and adjust target audiences. It allows streaming services such as Netflix to determine the interests of their users. We offer you the best data science training in France.

Jedha Bootcamp's different Data Science training courses

A pioneer in data training, Jedha has offered since its creation in 2017, three courses tailored to the needs of companies: Essentials, Fullstack and Lead. Each of them is declined in several modules, with theoretical (30%) and especially practical (70%) teachings. You will inevitably find with us, programs according to your prerequisites and the profession you want to move towards.

In the Essentials course, we introduce you to the practice of data science in business. You will learn to code in several computer languages including Python. You will master data visualisation and data mining, data management, web analytics and descriptive statistics. You will discover machine learning and deep learning and carry out your first data science project.

Our Fullstack and Lead courses are designed to turn you into data professionals capable of meeting complex business needs. Designed for people with a data science background or those who have taken our Data Analyst Essentials course, they will enable you to master the entire data life cycle. We will teach you the most common and appropriate algorithms. Our program will make you a highly skilled data engineer .

The advantages

To recap, the benefits of our training courses are:

  • Payment plans available via our financing provider
  • Access to courses & events on our JULIE platform, for life
  • The platform offers you the possibility to see your evolution throughout your training;
  • Possibility of making up missed classes (flexibility of your schedule)
  • Choice of online or face-to-face training (hybrid)
  • Carefully selected speakers
  • Courses in French with content in English in order to directly integrate 100% of the required knowledge in data science;
  • Access to our online platform JULIE
  • State-approved certification (RNCP)
  • Certificate of achievement to be used on your CV and LinkedIn
  • Your first Data project
  • Autonomy over the entire data pipeline
  • Optional: State-recognized certification

The disadvantages

- People who prefer to learn at their own pace may not appreciate the bootcamp concept with accelerated training.

- Although Jedha does not currently offer a work-study program, the school does offer the possibility of internships (maximum 6 months) with selected partners.

The price

Prices vary depending on the Data Science course you wish to take.

The Data Essentials course is €1,495

The Data Fullstack is 6 995€.

The Data Lead is 2 995€.

If you wish to complete the course and include the end-of-course certification, expect a fee of between 250-400€ depending on the level of training chosen. To learn more, please contact our admissions teamwho will answer all your questions.

Jedha data science training online or in person
Our students in Data training

DataCamp: an interactive distance learning course

The advantages

Here are some of the benefits we can cite:

  • Hands-on learning;
  • Interactive courses;
  • Accessible and very intuitive platform;
  • Qualitative courses created by industry experts and recognized academics;
  • DataCamp offers a progress tracker, which allows you to follow your progress in the different courses and receive feedback.

Once again, we invite you to make your own opinion on the courses in our rankings, according to your preferences.

The disadvantages

  • While practice can be an advantage, it can be a disadvantage for others. Go for more theoretical teachings if that's what you want;
  • DataCamp does not offer official certification;
  • The skills learned on DataCamp may be limited to the platform itself.

The price

The Basic subscription is $25 per month (about €20.70) or $250 (about €207) for an annual subscription. The subscription gives you access to the courses, but not to the challenges, nor to the assessments to evaluate your progress.
The Premium subscription is $33.25 US per month (about €27.50) or $300 US (about €248) for an annual subscription.

OpenClassrooms: free online Data Science courses

The advantages

  • Some courses are free, only registration is required,
  • French content ;
  • Online course and therefore flexible;
  • Courses created by data specialists;
  • An attractive and accessible site.

The disadvantages

  • High Cost: Tuition for Openclassrooms' Data Science courses can be high for some people, but be aware that they also offer installment options to help students;
  • Focus on practice: Openclassrooms is known for its hands-on approach to learning;
  • The French contents will not allow you to reach the excellence of the data world, because it requires the practice of English;
  • Limit of free content, unlike some other (free) e-learning platforms, Openclassrooms offers relatively little free content.

The price

The cost of the Openclassrooms Data Science training depends on the course chosen and the support options selected. We advise you to contact the platform directly for more information.

Udemy: 100% online data science courses

The advantages

  • 100ù online courses;
  • Choose your courses from their best data science courses;
  • Trainings and courses are graded;
  • Flexibility: work at your own pace;
  • Frequently updated courses;
  • The speakers are often different (depending on your choice of courses).

The disadvantages

  • Quality varies according to the course and training;
  • Udemy does not offer personalized follow-up, or mentoring services for its registrants;
  • Language limitations as most courses are taught in English.


We would like to give you the prices, but as they vary according to the choice of courses you would like to do, it is difficult to list them all.

Best data science training | Jedha Bootcamp


We hope to have enlightened you on the best Data Science courses in France, and online. Data remains a field of predilection, whose job offers do not cease increasing. If you want to do a training, or a professional reconversion, don't hesitate to weigh the pros and cons of each proposed training.

Frequently asked questions

Best data science courses in France: for which opportunities?

The quality of your data management training guarantees you the greatest peace of mind about your future. We offer online courses, 1 and 2 year masters in data science and bootcamps. At the end of our various short-term modules, you will have a profile that is in demand on the job market. We refer you to highly reputable partner companies.

Satisfied with the skills of our alumni, these companies tell us how happy they are to have them in their teams. Our graduates work as Data Scientists, Business Analysts, Chief Data Officer, Data Engineer in companies such as Engie, TFI, Monoprix, Keyrus, Amazon, Meero, Société Générale, etc. Like them, count on us to help you achieve your professional goals.

What are the strengths of Jedha's data science curriculum?

The first advantage of Jedha's training courses is their low cost. We give you several options to pay for your training. We give you the possibility to start the course you are interested in thanks to a bank loan granted by "Crédit du Nord", one of our financial partners. The payment methods of our courses are adapted to the situation of each one.

The quality of the 100% practical teaching is measured by the expertise of the Jedha teachers. Their exceptional pedagogy further enhances the know-how of our students. You will receive follow-up even after the course. In this sense, we give you the opportunity to maintain permanent contact with our teachers and alumni through our community and our JULIE platform. Register now for one of our Data Science courses.

What are the three main areas of data science?

The three main areas of data science are: statistical modeling and analysis, data visualization and communication, and data programming and manipulation.

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