Learn Power BI: the 7 best training courses

Learn Power BI: the 7 best training courses

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Power BI is a powerful data visualization tool. It allows you to transform multiple and complex data into simple information by creating dashboards, reports and concrete analyses. Learn Power BI with specialized training courses in the field. We make it easy for you to find the 7 best courses to learn Power BI, either in person or online: 

  • Microsoft Power Bi
  • Udemy
  • Jedha Bootcamp
  • LinkedIn learning
  • Pluralsight
  • OpenClassrooms
  • The Wagon

We describe to you in a concrete way what the trainings bring you.

What is Microsoft Power BI?

Microsoft Power BI desktop is a data visualization tool, mainly used in the data domain, allowing to collect, transform, visualize and analyze data from various sources in order to extract useful information. 

Why train on Power BI in 2023?

Whether you are a professional or you want to retrain in the field of data, and more precisely, in data analysis, Power BI will allow you to progress and to become more competent in your career. You will improve the efficiency of your company and be a real asset. As the world becomes more and more data-driven, data analytics is becoming an indispensable and essential parameter of large and small businesses.

With Power BI, you create customizable dashboards that allow you to track performance, efficiency, and current trends for your business by making informed decisions, and therefore faster.

What are the top 7 Power BI courses in 2023?

In this article, Jedha helps you list the best online, or face-to-face training courses. Here are, according to us, the 7 best courses to learn Power BI in 2023: 

  • Microsoft Power Bi
  • Udemy
  • Jedha Bootcamp
  • LinkedIn learning
  • Pluralsight
  • OpenClassrooms
  • The Wagon

Of course, we give you more details about these courses so that you can make your own opinion. 

Microsoft Power Bi: online training 

Microsoft Power BI from Microsoft was created in 2014 and is part of Microsoft Power Platform. This tool mainly focuses on Business Intelligence (BI) and Business Analyst (BA).

Training includes: 

  • lessons on data collection,
  • data modeling,
  • creation of dashboards, reports and interactive visualizations, 
  • All other Power BI features and integrations.

The platform offers you a range of Power BI training courses according to your preferences. You have the possibility to do your training according to : 

  • Your position (Business Analyst, Business User, Data Scientist, Data Engineer, Developer, etc.)
  • Desired level (beginner, intermediate or advanced); 
  • By topic (Business Applications, Data & AI, Infrastructure, etc.);
  • Modules and learning paths.

The advantages

  • The training is taught by module. You have the possibility to know the users' grades for each of its modules. 
  • Count on 100 modules and 30 free learning paths! Yes, Microsoft gives you access to a free training of its tool. However, keep in mind that the Power BI Desktop tool is free, but that there are also paid versions. 


Power BI is a very powerful tool, nevertheless it has some drawbacks: 

  • Power BI can be expensive for companies that want access to some advanced features;
  • Difficult to use for beginners who don't have enough expertise in data visualization (they can turn to other tools such as Tableau Software);
  • Data capacity limitations; 
  • Depending on the company you work for, Power BI may not be integrated with all systems and tools used.


Paid options include Power BI Pro, Power BI Premium and Power BI Premium per user (PPU). The price of Power BI Pro is €8.40 per month (1 user). The price of Power BI Premium varies according to the number of employees the company needs. It increases in increments of €4,212.30 per month, and up to €16,861.70 per month for an organization.

Udemy: Learn Power BI Desktop and Service

Power BI Desktop and Service is an online course by Udemy. Udemy is a platform that teaches its users training in the tech sector, such as the skills needed to use Power BI Desktop and Power BI Service, two data visualization tools. 

The advantages 

  • If you want to learn Power BI with Udemy, the courses are taught by level. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, you can choose your course;
  • Students have access to online course materials;
  • Certificate once they have completed the course;
  • The prices remain very affordable compared to the competition;
  • Like Microsoft, you have access to user reviews for each module.


  • Not everyone likes online courses, the quality of the course depends on the instructor.
  • Less supervision than for face-to-face courses, and therefore no interaction with the teacher depending on availability.


Udemy offers a wide range of training options. Some courses are free, while others can cost up to 180€ or more. Prices depend on the trainer, the training desired, the duration and the quality of the course.

For the Power BI training, Become a Power Bi expert - The complete training is 100€. It is difficult to give a price range, because the platform has many promotions (e.g. Microsoft Power BI Desktop Masterclass - Beginners [2022] at 24.99€ instead of 139.99€).

Best power bi training

Jedha Bootcamp: learn Power BI with a comprehensive training. Become a data professional!

Jedha Bootcamp, it's the Digital School! With an average score of 4.98/5, Jedha is ranked first in the French Tech training ranking. This is the reflection of our will to provide knowledge and skills in line with the needs of students and companies.

The advantages

  • An intensive Data Analyst Fullstack training: The bootcamp is designed to be an intensive training on the ethical issues related to artificial intelligence.
  • Complete immersion in the subject and a thorough understanding of the issues at stake with training courses comprising 30% theory and 70% practice;
  • Diverse Tech Community (no typical profile);
  • The training courses are taught by levels (Essentials, Fullstack and Lead) ;
  • Training that strives for academic and inclusive excellence;
  • Campuses all over France with the choice to follow our training courses online or face to face (hybrid); 
  • You are accompanied by our Teachers and our TAs who are professionals in the field of Data ;
  • The courses are available online and for life on the JULIE platform;
  • A state-recognized certification (level Bac +3/4) at the end of the training, and thus a professional credibility;
  • An admissions team to help you with your application.

The disadvantages

  • You need to take the Data Analyst Fullstack training to learn Power BI. You do not have the option to choose your modules. The training allows you to have a more complete education;
  • Intensive training that is not suitable for everyone. 

The price

  • The Fullstack data analyst training is 6995€. 

You also have the possibility of paying your training in 10 monthly instalments, and of having your training financed by specialized organizations such as Pôle Emploi, the CPF, or regional aid.

Learn about Power BI with LinkedIn Learning 

LinkedIn Learning is an online training platform that offers a wide range of courses and topics, on technology, creativity, business, etc. The platform offers courses recorded by professionals and experts in their field. Gain skills with hands-on exercises and additional resources throughout your training.

LinkedIn Learning: "Learning Power BI" is an online course offered on the LinkedIn Learning platform, formerly known as Lynda. Participants in this online course will receive step-by-step instructions, live demonstrations and hands-on exercises.

The benefits

  • LinkedIn Learning's Power BI training will help you understand the different features and capabilities of the tool;
  • One month free trial training;
  • The training teaches you the best practices to effectively visualize data;
  • LinkedIn is a professional platform, its name is internationally renowned;
  • Quizzes are given during your learning;
  • The training is online, perfect if you want to learn from home, while working; 
  • A certificate is given to you at the end of your training.

The disadvantages

  •  Training can be complicated for beginners: if you don't have any knowledge of programming or data visualization ;
  • Theoretical training, which is not suitable for everyone;
  • No feedback. Because yes, the training is online, so it does not offer any direct feedback from the speaker.


As explained in the advantages, the training allows a free trial of one month. After that, the monthly subscription is 39,66 €/month and annual subscription is 19,83 €/month.

Pluralsight: affordable Power training

The advantages

  • In-depth learning of Power BI features;
  • Training taught by experts;
  • Training certificate.

The disadvantages

  • Lack of direct communication with the provider;
  • The 100% online format is not for everyone.


The individual subscription costs about $35 per month (or €32.47), or about $299 (or €277.37) for an annual subscription. This subscription provides access to all Pluralsight training, including Power BI training.

OpenClassrooms: access free Power BI courses 


  • Online training with free courses (Power BI mooc);
  • Training is available at any time, so you can progress at your own pace;
  • Access to additional resources: access to additional resources, such as discussion forums, articles and videos;
  • The courses on OpenClassrooms are organized and structured to be taken in a specific order;
  • Certificate of Proficiency: Users who successfully complete a course on OpenClassrooms can earn a certificate of proficiency.

The disadvantages

Here are the few disadvantages you may encounter: 

  • Resources are limited. Since the courses are free, they are not as complete and detailed as the paid courses;
  • The courses on OpenClassrooms are generally designed to be taken online without direct interaction with the instructor. This is the problem with many courses taught online, distance learning can be difficult, depending on your profile and preferences;
  • The certificates of competence issued by OpenClassrooms at the end of your course are not officially recognized by companies or organizations.


OpenClassrooms can be a great option for people who want to gain basic knowledge of Power BI without spending money, as the courses are still completely free.

Data Analyst Fullstack Jedha Training - Power BI Course
Jedha Bootcamp Power BI Course

The Wagon: distance learning

The advantages

  • Teaching is intensive, as the Wagon training is designed to be intensive and immersive;
  • Power BI training by Le Wagon also offers personalized instruction to meet the individual needs of each student;
  • Online training for those who prefer to learn at a distance.

The disadvantages

  • Power BI training can be expensive compared to other online training options;
  • Le Wagon campuses are only located in certain cities;
  • Power BI training by Le Wagon can be difficult for absolute beginners (people with no knowledge).

The price 

The cost of Power BI training through Le Wagon varies depending on the length and format of the training. Intensive face-to-face training costs more than online training. It is recommended that you check the information directly for what you want.

How to finance your Power BI training? 

There are a variety of grants available to fund your Power BI training. We list some of them for you: 

  • Employer funding if you wish to retrain or simply upgrade your skills.
  • Personal Training Account (CPF)
  • Scholarships.
  • Personal financing.
  • State Grants.
  • Individual Training Leave (CIF).


The Power BI trainings are intended for professionals who wish to learn this tool in order to better understand the data and make more informed decisions. The ranking of these courses remains objective, and can obviously change according to certain criteria. We advise you to do some research in parallel, because it is your final choice that counts.

If you are interested in our Data Analyst Fullstack training, do not hesitate to contact our admissions team.

Frequently asked questions

How to train on Power BI?

To train in Power BI, we recommend taking online or distance learning courses, depending on your preference. Get the tool to understand and practice. Because learning is all about practice!

What are the Power BI certifications?

Microsoft offers two Power BI certifications: 

  • Microsoft Certified: Power BI Developer.
  • Microsoft Certified: Power BI Data Analyst Associate.

Is Power BI free?

The free version (Power BI Desktop) allows you to view and share dashboards and reports, but it has limitations on the amount of data stored. Paid options include Power BI Pro, Power BI Premium and Power BI Premium per user (PPU). Power BI Pro is priced at $8.40 per month (1 user), Power BI Premium is priced according to the number of employees the company needs. It increases in increments of €4,212.30 per month, and up to €16,861.70 per month for an organization.

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