Get your VAE

Get your VAE

Get your VAE

Download your booklet: please send an email to specifying your request to obtain the VAE.

The complete list of requirements to obtain the Jedha VAE

For those who feel they have all the skills taught in our program and wish to take a Validation of Experience (VAE). The process of passing at JEDHA is described as follows (Note that this is not valid in all schools)


The first step in the VAE process is to compile a first booklet which will allow the educational team to evaluate the admissibility of your file.

Once your application has been studied, if you obtain a favourable opinion, you will receive a summons detailing the steps to take to register for a validation session as well as a second booklet (or validation file) to complete. If your first booklet is not validated, you will have to redefine your professional project.


Once the first booklet has been validated, you will receive instructions for writing your evaluation file which will detail all the activities you have carried out. The aim of this file is to prove that you have acquired, thanks to your professional experience, the skills necessary to access the Data Science Designer and Developer qualification. The skills repository will help you identify your acquired skills. It is strongly recommended that you receive support in your efforts (preparation of your file, preparation for the interview with the jury or the simulation). Assistance can continue in the event of refusal or partial validation. These services can be provided by public or private organisations and may be subject to a charge, but assistance is available.


After submitting your application, a jury will invite you to an interview. Composed of at least a quarter of professionals, they are there to verify the authenticity of your statements and to have you complete or expand on certain information if necessary.

It assesses whether your experience corresponds to the requirements (knowledge, skills, aptitudes) of the diploma in question. It is based on the validation file, but as it is a professional qualification, it can also "test" you in a professional situation. When it makes its decision, the jury can: award the entire diploma, which will be identical to the one obtained through conventional training award only part of the diploma refuse to award it and advise you to take new steps. Between the submission of the first booklet and obtaining the VAE. It takes between 6 months and a year minimum