Our general sales conditions

Our general sales conditions

Purpose and scope

Following the order of a training course, the Customer accepts without reserve the present general conditions of sale which prevail over any other document of the purchaser, in particular its general conditions of purchase.

Contractual documents

At the Client's request, JEDHA will send the Client two copies of a continuing professional education agreement as provided for by law. The client commits JEDHA by returning a signed copy bearing its commercial stamp as soon as possible. A registration is definitively validated when this document is signed. At the end of the training, a certificate of attendance is sent to the Client's Training Department.

Pricing, billing and payment

All our prices are indicated without taxes. They are to be increased by the VAT at the current rate. Any training started is due in full. Unless otherwise stated, they include the trainer's travel expenses and meals. Invoices are payable, without discount, to the order of JEDHA on receipt of invoice.

Payment by an OPCA

In the event that the service is paid for by the Organisme Paritaire Collecteur Agréé on which it depends, it is the Client's responsibility to :

  • apply for funding before the start of the course and ensure that the application is accepted;
  • explicitly state on the agreement and attach to JEDHA a copy of the agreement to cover the costs;
  • ensure that the payment is properly completed by the organization it has designated.

In the event of partial payment of the training amount by the OPCA, the balance will be invoiced to the Client. If JEDHA has not received payment from the OPCA by the 1st day of the training, the Client will be invoiced for the full cost of the training. Where applicable, JEDHA will reimburse credit notes upon written request from the Client, accompanied by an original bank statement.

Late fees

In the event of late payment, an indemnity calculated on the basis of three times the legal interest rate in force as well as a fixed indemnity for collection costs of 40 euros shall be payable, in accordance with Article L 441-6 of the Commercial Code. These penalties are payable by operation of law, upon receipt of the notice informing the Customer that they have been charged.

Refusal of order

In the event that a Client registers for a JEDHA training course without having paid for the previous courses, JEDHA may refuse to honour the order and refuse to allow the Client to participate in the training course, without the Client being able to claim any compensation whatsoever, for whatever reason.

Conditions for cancellation and postponement of the training course

Any cancellation by the Client must be communicated in writing. For any cancellation, even in case of force majeure :

  • If a cancellation occurs before the beginning of the service and the training action is postponed within 12 months from the date of the order, the totality of the client's payment will be credited to the client in the form of a credit note that can be applied to a future training. If no postponement has been made within this 12-month period, the payment will be retained by JEDHA as a lump-sum indemnity.
  • If a cancellation occurs during the training, the payment remains with JEDHA as a lump-sum indemnity. In the event of subrogation, the Client undertakes to pay the amounts not covered by the OPCA.

Conditions for cancellation and postponement of a training session

The Client may cancel a training session as long as the cancellation occurs at least four business days before the scheduled day and time. Any cancellation of a session must be communicated by telephone. The session can then be rescheduled according to the trainer's schedule.

Information Technology and Civil Liberties

The personal information communicated by the Client to JEDHA in application and execution of the training courses may be communicated to JEDHA's contractual partners for the sole purpose of the said training courses. The Client may exercise his right of access, rectification and opposition in accordance with the provisions of the law of 6 January 1978.


The fact that JEDHA does not take advantage of any of the present clauses at a given time does not constitute a waiver of the right to take advantage of these same clauses at a later date. Obligation not to solicit personnel The Client undertakes not to poach or hire JEDHA personnel who have participated in the execution of the contract, for the entire duration of the contract and for two calendar years following the termination of the contractual relationship. In the event of non-compliance with this obligation, the Client shall pay JEDHA, as a penalty clause, compensation equal to twelve times the last salary, plus employer's charges, of the unduly dismissed employee. Applicable Law French law is applicable with respect to these General Sales Conditions and the contractual relations between JEDHA and its Customers. All disputes that cannot be settled amicably will be under the EXCLUSIVE JURISDICTION OF THE COMMERCIAL COURT OF PARIS, regardless of the Client's headquarters or residence, notwithstanding multiple defendants or warranty claims. This jurisdiction clause shall not apply in the event of a dispute with a non-professional Customer for whom the legal rules of material and geographical jurisdiction shall apply. This clause is stipulated in the interest of JEDHA, which reserves the right to waive it if it sees fit. Election of domicile The election of domicile is made by JEDHA at its head office at 10 rue Emile Allez 75017 Paris.