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Data Scientist Training: Price Guide

Data Scientist Training: Price Guide

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While companies are recruiting Data Scientists in large numbers, training courses to become a Data Scientist are multiplying. It is difficult to find one's way among all these trainings, and especially to know if the cost of these trainings is justified.

To help you see more clearly, we have created a complete guide to the price of Data Science courses. We compare the price of training according to the expected post-training level, the teaching format and the school!

Training prices according to level

The price of a training to become a Data Scientist varies according to the level obtained after the training. We tell you more!

How much does a Data Science course for beginners cost?

The training to become a Data Scientist allows to know the stakes of Data Science (data, variables, preprocessing, data mining, statistical tests...). This training also gives the learner the possibility to master the most common techniques of data mining such as clustering,social network analysis, multivariate analysis or text mining.

Each training institute offers different rates for this type of training. The price of the Data Science training for beginners varies on average between 1850 and 2600 €. The Data Analyst Essentials training offered by Jedha is available for only €1495 and €1745 with the certification. The payment of this Data Science training can be done up to 10 monthly payments. A certification recognized by the State at the level of bac + 3 is delivered to students at the end of the training.

What is the cost of intermediate data science training?

The intermediate training to become a Data Scientist allows the learner to approach certain concepts such as Machine Learning for example. It helps the learner to distinguish supervised learning from unsupervised learning. This training also allows the learner to know the principles underlying neural networks (activation functions, architecture, backpropagation, etc.).

The price of the Fullstack Data Scientist training depends on the training institution, the duration of the courses, but also on the learning methods. Most of the schools offer this Data Science training at a price ranging between 5000 and 10000 €. By choosing Jedha for an intermediate training in Data Science, it is possible to make a payment in several monthly instalments. The student receives a certificate at the end of the training. Our training is therefore priced at 6 995€ and 7 445€ with the certification prices, for a 450h professional training.

What is the cost of an advanced training to become a Data Scientist?

The advanced Data Science training allows the student to advance his level of expertise, but it also helps him to better understand the evolution of the sector. This training allows the student to broaden his or her skills in the field of Data Science, notably by deepening the advanced concepts of Machine Learning. Finally, this training helps the student to enrich his data toolbox. A certificate is often issued to students at the end of this training.

The price of the advanced Data Scientist training depends on the duration of the training, but also on the level of the learner. The minimum budget for an advanced Data Science training is between 2000 and 5000 €.

Our Lead Data Engineer training is priced at €2,995 (without certification) and €3,245 with certification fees. Please note that if you choose a total retraining, you have the possibility to do the 3 levels of training in a row, which generates a discount. The total cost of the courses is 10 495€ (without the certification).

Data scientist training price guide
Price of a training to become a Data Scientist

Cost of training according to the learning method

The cost of a Data Science course can also vary depending on whether it is an in-person course or an online course.

How much does a Data Science training course cost?

The price of a face-to-face Data Science training depends on the training institution, the level of the learner and the quality of the teaching offered. Jedha offers its students the opportunity to follow the best Data Science certification courses at unbeatable prices. The payment terms are also very advantageous. The training to become a Data Scientist generally varies between 1850 and 7000 €.

What is the cost of an online Data Scientist training?

Jedha's online Data Science training allows students to master the entire life cycle of a Data Science project from A to Z. From data collection and analysis to deployment, optimization, modeling and interpretability, this complete training is accessible to all students, whatever their level. The cost of this training depends on the level of the learner, the module chosen and the duration. Online training in Data Science is less expensive than face-to-face learning. Its price generally varies between 1800 and 5000 €.

Training prices according to the school

The price of a Data Science course can also be determined by the school or type of course chosen.

How much does a university education in Data Science cost?

University courses are generally open to students who wish to deepen their knowledge in statistical languages and programming languages such as Python. They allow to understand the specificities of complex data as well as their exploitation in real time. Thanks to university training in Data, the student can implement an analysis in the case of specific data (textual, graphs, networks, real time, spatio-temporal).

The price of a university or school training varies according to many factors. Among these, we can mention the duration of the Data Scientist training, the level of the student or the chosen specialization.

What is the cost of a Data Scientist Bootcamp?

Do you want to get a state-recognized diploma in the field of Data Science? Bootcamp courses like those organized by Jedha are the solution to benefit from a quality learning experience. The Bootcamp training allows to master the fundamental principles of Data Science. This learning also helps the student to boost his profile with recruiters. Thanks to the Data Science training, the learner can easily reconvert to the job he/she wants in the Data Science field.

As a reminder, the Fullstack (professional) level Data Science training costs 6 995 €, without the price of the certification. It is also important to specify that a discount applies for the choice of our 2 Data training courses, namely Fullstack Track Data (Essential & Fullstack), to start with the beginner level, then continue with the professional level. The price of this training is 7 995 €, without the certification fees. The training with the certification fees is €8,445, which can be financed by certain organizations. The payment of the cost of this Data Scientist training can be done in several monthly payments.

What is the price of a custom training in Data Science?

Continuing education in Data Science in companies is generally open to professionals. Jedha offers continuing education in the field of Data Science at attractive prices, with particularly interesting payment terms. These trainings can take place in person or online. Simply contact a Jedha consultant to register for a continuing education course in Data Science and to discuss the payment terms.

Price of a data scientist training and financing
Jedha gives you the different types of financing

What are the different types of financing for a Data Science training?

How do you finance your Data Science training and what are the different financing possibilities? These are some of the questions often asked by people who are considering to follow a Data Science training. By choosing Jedha Bootcamp to follow a Data Science training, it is possible to benefit from many funding sources.

The Personal Training Account (PTA)

Successor of the IDF, the CPF is an account whose financing is due to the contribution of employers. The amount collected can thus be used to finance a continuing education in Data Science. Any person who has already worked can open a professional account. Thanks to the CPF, it is possible to finance partially or completely the training. When the amount on the account is not sufficient for the training, the account holder can realize for the remaining amount, a payment plan with several installments by self-financing.

Job center

Pôle emploi is one of the easiest ways to finance your Data Science training. The job search assistance organization allows the unemployed to access particularly advantageous training financing. To benefit from this assistance, you just need to contact your Pôle emploi advisor to explain your background, your professional project, but also your motivations and your career ambitions. Thanks to Pôle emploi, it is possible to ensure the total or partial payment of your Data Science training.


The Association de gestion du fonds pour l'insertion des personnes handicapées (AGEFIPH) allows people with disabilities to access funds for professional training in Data Science. All you have to do is to put together a file with the help of a Pôle emploi advisor, taking care to add all the supporting documents. As soon as the file is validated, the association contributes to the payment of the training in Data Science.

Transition Pro

Created in 2020, Transition Pro offers candidates the opportunity to validate their professional evolution through continuing education in Data Science. This assistance is especially intended for people who wish to make a professional transition to a job as a Data Scientist. By going through Transition Pro (formerly FONGECIF), the student can benefit from a total payment of his or her Data Science training fees.


Data science is a rapidly growing interdisciplinary field. To evolve in this sector, it is important to follow a suitable training. Thanks to the Data Science training courses, learners master the different tools and methods of learning in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, all at prices accessible to all budgets. Not to mention that at the end of the training, they receive a certificate recognized by the State.

Frequently asked questions

Here are some answers to various frequently asked questions about Data Science education and job opportunities as a Data Scientist.

Why become a Data Scientist?

The Data Scientist is one of the most coveted jobs in France. With an average salary of between €50,000 and €60,000 per year, it is also a particularly well-paid position. Whether in sports, health or aerospace, it is possible to work as a Data Scientist in almost any field.

What are the benefits of taking a Data Scientist course?

This job offers many opportunities for advancement. Following a training in Data Science offers the possibility of being recruited by large web companies. It is indeed a job that offers many opportunities and the possibilities of evolution are great. Thanks to the training in Data Science, a job seeker can also apply in all companies, whatever their field of activity.

How to become a Data Scientist without a degree?

It is particularly difficult, if not impossible, to find a job as a Data Scientist without a degree. Indeed, companies usually require a minimum of adequate training to be able to effectively face the responsibilities that will be placed on the future employee.

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