Data Visualisation training eligible for CPF

DataVisualisation training eligible for CPF

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Do you want a professional and qualifying training that will make it easy for you to find and land job opportunities? In view of the latest revolutions in the digital world, acquiring the skills related to the Data Science professions, in particular the Data Scientist, Data Engineer and Data Analyst, is becoming a real asset. Jedha's Data Analyst training in data visualisation, eligible for the CPF, is one of the best options in this respect.

At the crossroads between communication, statistics, art and exploratory analysis, data visualization has become an essential part of data science. For your professional project, subscribe to our training course eligible for financing by personal training account (PTA) and become an expert in data visualisation in no time.  

What is data visualisation?

Also known as "Dataviz", data visualisation consists of clearly and explicitly communicating large quantities of data in a visually pleasing and relevant form by representing them graphically. This makes the data accessible and understandable to a larger number of people. Also used as a decision-making aid in Business Intelligence, data design is used to decipher data.

Why choose data visualisation training eligible for the CPF?

The large amount of data that a company receives through Big Data justifies the need to represent it graphically in order to make it more readable and easier to interpret. Classic or more original graphs, cartographies, chronologies and the creation of infographics constitute the tools of data visualisation. Today, these tools are accessible thanks to professional software and Web applications.

Jedha's Data Visualisation training will enable you to design and produce data visualisations in the form of infographics, maps or other simple visual representations that facilitate analysis.

Data visualization training at Jedha

This course is open to anyone who wants to represent data graphically (sales, marketing, HR, production, etc.). However, it requires good practice of the Web, Excel and PowerPoint, but not necessarily knowledge of DTP. It is therefore aimed at non-specialists in the sense that it provides them with innovative solutions for visually representing data. It consists of theoretical contributions, exchanges, experience sharing, practical application and advice from expert data visualisation consultants.

The training offered by Jedha enables you to :

  • structure the data to be represented graphically and take into account the message to be conveyed;
  • Use Excel and other data visualisation tools;
  • present the figures in a more original way.

You will also develop :

  • mastering the fundamentals of data visualisation and customisation of a wide variety of graphical renderings (scatterplots, graphs, pie charts, histograms, etc.);
  • the ability to use data visualisation for data analysis;
  • mastering the production of simple statistical graphs at the intersection of data visualization and data analysis;
  • a thorough knowledge of best practices in data visualisation and data storytelling;
  • the ability to create interactive scratch dashboards;
  • mastering the creation and integration of interactive graphics into a web page.

Our educational managers and trainers are recognised experts in their field. With 30% theory and 70% practice, they will quickly provide you with the knowledge, skills and competencies you need.

Even better, at Jedha we provide you with a close career follow-up during your entire course. And even after your training, to further immerse you in professional life, we have the JULIE platform, dedicated to alumni. It will allow you, at the end of your training, to continue to reinforce the knowledge and skills acquired during your training. You will also find video and written summaries of courses.

The opportunities of the Jedha training in data visualization

People trained in Artificial Intelligence (AI) are highly sought after in the job market. By opting for our training in Jedha, you will soon become one of the new darlings of companies. As an illustration, at the end of this training, you will be able to practice one of the eight future professions of Big data, namely the :

  • Data Engineer;
  • DevOps Cloud Engineer;
  • Web architect;
  • big data administrator/integrator ;
  • Data Analyst;
  • Lead developer Big Data ;
  • Data Scientist;
  • Tech Lead Big Data.

Thanks to these many skills, you will have the possibility of working as a freelancer or in a company in various positions of responsibility. So take the opportunity and sign up for our Data Visualisation course.

Myriam Emilion
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Myriam Emilion
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