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Do you want to enter the world of data science? Do you want to work for renowned companies and give your professional career a new boost? Then take part in Jedha's data management training . It will provide you with the necessary skills and know-how to help companies.

The growth in the volume of data is forcing companies to adopt new management tools to exploit its full potential. Data is a valuable asset that needs to be managed efficiently to ensure maximum profitability. To achieve this level of results, you need to rely on experienced specialists. This Jedha training will provide you with a thorough understanding of data management principles, practices and technologies.

Data management: what is it?

Data management is defined as the practice of collecting, storing and analysing data in a secure, efficient and cost-effective manner for an organisation. It also refers to the set of processes deployed to ingest, verify, organise, exploit, protect and maintain all kinds of information.

It aims to help companies optimize the use of data in order to make decisions and take actions that maximize their benefits. With its ability to transform information into strategic capital, it is becoming increasingly essential in the operation of firms.

An effective data management strategy leads to greater productivity and greater savings in terms of money and time. It gives companies a greater capacity to adapt to market expectations and to manage risks. Data management is a rapidly growing field and requires specific skills. Jedha offers an online training course that enables you to learn this new profession.

What you need to know about our online course in Data Management

The prestigious Jedha Institute ensures that modern skills in the world of data andArtificial Intelligence are accessible. To this end, we design and deliver curricula that adequately meet the needs of companies and their pressing demands.

Thus, by means of an intensive pedagogy and in a vision of competitive performance, you will benefit from modules that will immerse you wonderfully in the management of reference data. Throughout the course, we work to turn you into data scientists who are fully conversant with the entire data pipeline from algorithm creation to production.

Through real-world application and familiarisation with best practice, we teach you everything you need to set up, run and evaluate data management systems for businesses. In this context, you will learn programming languages such as Python and SQL, data visualisation, database administration, data governance, data mining, machine learning and deep learning.

Our training takes place online on our privileged platform ZOOM or in person at our offices in Paris or Lyon. During the different modules, you will acquire the necessary know-how for the implementation ofdata qualitymanagement tools. We are constantly updating our programmes so that they correspond to the current needs of companies.

The insertion of our alumni in the professional market

Our online training in data management offers strong recruitment opportunities in the job market. Present in almost all sectors: media, marketing, banking, finance, automotive, industry and others, most of our alumni now hold key positions in renowned companies as Data Scientist, Data Analyst or Data Manager. As an illustration, many of them work in companies such as TF1, Engie, Sony, Amazon, Schneider, Monoprix, Tiime, Bouygues, Société Générale, etc.

The interests of the Jedha training

Getting trained in Big Data or data management at Jedha has many advantages. As our programmes are delivered online via Zoom, you can re-watch the courses available on our JULIE platform. You can also benefit from private discussions with our teachers, real professionals and certified data experts in the field.

This training will enable you to understand the entiredata architecture in order to better support companies in their decision-making processes. By participating in our programme, you will become a member of our community and will have free access to our JULIE platform and our various events forever. Contact us to find out more!

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