Data Analyst training financed by Pôle emploi

Data Analyst training financed by Pôle emploi

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Are you a job seeker looking for a training course that can be fully financed by the CPF (personal training account) of the Pôle emploi? Opt for the Data Analyst training from Jedha Bootcamp. In the era of Big Data, recruiters are increasingly asking for skills in Data Analysis. Register with Pôle emploi and make an appointment with your consultant.

Are you interested in taking our Data Analyst course? Our admissions team will help you with your application!

At Jedha you will receive quality training that will guarantee you a place in the labour market. Our teacher programmes, which are available in face-to-face, distance learning and blended formats, offer an exceptional practical component. Our method guarantees you a total mastery of the discipline.

What is a Data Analyst?

Still called "data analyst", the Data Analyst is a professional in charge of exploiting information collected through various channels, in order to facilitate the decision making of company managers, organizations, etc. In other words, the Data Analyst examines various data related to customers, products or performance of an organization in order to define useful indicators for decision-makers.  

He influences the choice of strategies for performance optimisation, marketing or other important areas within the company by means of predictive analyses. The use of Big Data, the processing of artificial intelligence, data visualization, etc. are essential skills of the data analyst.

Jedha's Data analyst training

The data analyst must have specific skills. In particular, he/she must master the use of specific Big Data tools (Hadoop, Spark..), programming languages such as Python, statistical methods, etc. Jedha offers courses that allow you to acquire a complete know-how in this field.

In-class in our premises or in those of our partners in Paris, online, or in alternating courses, our training enables you to master :

  • Data collection and mining;
  • Databases and data manipulation technologies;
  • Data analysis via APIs, open data and specific technologies;
  • Algorithm development and methodologies for trend detection in a dataset;
  • The use of new technologies(machine learning, deep learning);
  • The creation of data visualization interfaces...

These skills give you a multi-tasking profile. You will be able to apply for different positions in companies or even start up as a Freelance Data Scientist.

What are the opportunities for the Data Analyst training?

In the digital age, where data is pouring in from all sides, the data analyst is becoming a highly sought-after professional. This training opens the doors to the most sought-after positions in companies. You will be able to work as a data analyst in such professions as :

  • Web Architect ;
  • Big Data infrastructure expert;
  • Expert or consultant in information systems;
  • Lead Developer ;
  • IT Project Manager ;
  • Information System Architect ;
  • Information system manager, etc.

In addition, depending on your professional project, you can specialise in certain disciplines such as finance, marketing, etc., in order to have more openings in these fields. Thus, with a complement of notions in Marketing, you are able to occupy any function relating to the conception or the piloting of commercial strategies.

Why opt for a Data Analyst training at Jedha?

The Jedha training institute or organization has many assets to make you a highly competent data analyst. If you want to move into data, Jedha will accompany you throughout your professional training. First of all, our teaching team is composed of leading practitioners indata analysis in France. They are thus in daily contact with the discipline, mastering all kinds of advances or new challenges. It goes without saying that the updating of the courses is guaranteed.

Secondly, our institute prioritizes practice in all its teaching programs. Thus, we conduct certification training in Big Data, composed of 30% theory against 70% practice. All of our learners leave the institute with solid skills in data analysis thanks to this dose of experience.

Finally, Jedha provides you with high quality digital tools to facilitate the assimilation of its training contents. The JULIE platform, which includes video and written course summaries, is a good example. Contact us now to become an essential Data Analyst.

Data Analyst training financed by Pôle Emploi
Why get your training funded?

Why should I get my Data Analyst training financed by Pôle Emploi?

There are several reasons why you can apply to Pôle Emploi for funding:

  • The cost of a training can be a major difficulty to their development, or professional reconversion. By having your training in Data Analysis financed by Pôle Emploi, you have the possibility to reduce the costs of the training;
  • Upgradeyour skills to adapt to an ever-changing job market;
  • Professional retraining, because yes, you have the possibility to take another path, and to reorient yourself. It is never too late. The Tech field being in constant growth, the demand is strong. Retraining in a sector that is recruiting and whose evolution is promising, is to ensure that you are doing a job that has a future.

To have your training financed by Pôle emploi is therefore a right. You have the possibility of making this request for financing, which is therefore beneficial for your professional development.

Our training courses are financed by Pôle Emploi

Our training courses in Data are indeed financeable by Pôle Emploi. Your training can be financed partially, or in its entirety, all depends on your profile, your course, but also your project. Indeed, your Pôle Emploi advisor will analyze your project, in order to establish how much the organization will help you.

If you are interested in our Data Analyst training, contact our admissions team, they will guide you and accompany you in your steps.

Frequently asked questions about the financing of training courses approved by Pôle Emploi

What is the POEI?

The Pôle d'Expertise et d'Orientation des Indépendants (PEOI) is a system set up by Pôle Emploi for self-employed workers in France. Its objective is to accompany self-employed workers in their professional development, with the aim of helping them to improve their activity and to find new opportunities.

What training courses are covered by Pôle emploi?

Some examples of the types of training that can be covered by Pôle Emploi are: training leading to qualifications, training for disabled workers, training leading to a diploma and work-study training. Please note that the training courses covered by Pôle Emploi vary according to your personal and professional situation, but also according to the availability of funds.

What is the average salary of a Data Analyst?

A Data Analyst who starts their career earns between 35 000 and 38 000 € per year. An experienced Data Analyst earns a comfortable salary. After 4 years of experience, he/she can expect a salary between 50 000 € and 65 000 € per year .

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