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Get a state-recognized certificate, with a BAC +3/4 equivalence thanks to Jedha's Data trainings and finance your programs with your CPF balance.

"Designer-Developer in Data Science"
(registered in the National Directory of Professional Skills)

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A state-approved diploma

The"Data Science Designer-Developer" certificate, level 6, created by Jedha, is registered in the National Directory of Professional Skills (RNCP), and thus recognized by the Ministry of Labour and Professional Training.

This certificate attests to the acquisition of the skills most sought after by Data recruiters. With this training, you will master the entire data value chain (Data Analysis, Data Engineering, Data Science, Data Management, etc.) and achieve your professional goals (career transition, professional development or business creation).

Finance your training with the CPF

What is the CPF?

If you are or have been an employee, you have certainly accumulated credits on your Personal Training Account (PTA). You can use them as you wish to train, as long as the training you have in mind is eligible .

How to use it? A simplified approach

All you have to do is create an account on the My Training Account website. For assistance with this process in a few steps, you can make an appointmentdirectly with our admissions team.

Am I eligible?

It doesn't matter if you have changed company or job during your career, your CPF credits belong to you. Whether you are a job seeker, an employee or a retrainee, this method of financing is still unknown to some of the active population, but it allows you to train at a lower cost.

Can be used for the 3 courses
Data de Jedha

The Essentials, Fullstack and Lead Data courses, part-time or full-time on all our campuses are eligible for the CPF. All the information with our admissions team, by applying or requesting the syllabus.

Top-rankeddata training

With an average score of 4.95/5 established by Switch up, the world reference directory of Tech bootcamps, Jedha is ranked first in the Data training ranking in France and 6th worldwide. This is a reflection of our desire to provide knowledge in line with the needs of students and companies.

It isa real pride to be able to accompany our students in the realization of their professional project, to make them autonomous in Data and to see them bring value to the companies in which they work.

Their training has opened up new horizons
, whether to set up their own company in AI or to launch their career in Data.

Florian Akretche
Florian Akretche
Data Analyst
After the Essentials, I will continue my learning at Jedha with the Fullstack program! The instructor was able to make the concepts studied accessible to all profiles and make the courses lively and interactive despite the distance.
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Florian Akretche
I took the Essentials course in part time (at a distance because of COVID). I found this course to be a very good introduction to the subject for those who want to work in the data industry. The speaker was able to make the concepts studied accessible to all profiles and to make the courses lively and interactive despite the distance. I also really appreciated the availability of the staff, even outside of class hours. I highly recommend this course. I will continue my training at Jedha with the Fullstack program.
Hayet Bezzeghoud
Hayet Bezzeghoud
Data Scientist
I was hired the day of my Demo Day! I'm now working on fraud detection, prediction and default missions
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Hayet Bezzeghoud
We studied a lot of application cases, with mathematics, it was intense! At the end of the training, we had a specific module dedicated to technical preparation for interviews, which helped us a lot, to justify our skills. At Finexkap, there are now 3 of us in the company's Data department, which also helps me to improve my skills. There are many things to set up within the company, for example NLP or Data Engineering, lots of projects to set up!
Mathieu Berthier
Mathieu Berthier
Data Engineer
It's simple, for each module we covered, Python, Data Viz, Machine Learning, we had projects to do. I never thought I would be able to do that when I arrived!
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Mathieu Berthier
It's simple, for each module we tackled, Python, Data Viz, Machine Learning, we had projects to do. For Python, we created forms, questionnaires, for development we created a website, same for Data Viz, Dashboards. For Machine Learning & Deep Learning, we created complex models to answer various problems. For example, I never thought I would be able to do this when I arrived!

3 Data programs complete

Use your CPF to take one or more of these Data programs, and obtain your certification.
Possibility of taking the course in class or by distance learning.
Jedha fundamentals
duration icon jedha
40 hours
Beginners & Managers
Essentials Data Bootcamp

Dive into the world of Data: acquire a solid foundation in Python, SQL, Data Visualization and Machine Learning. You will lead your first Data project to continue in this direction and understand the extent of what is possible with these tools.

Whether you start from scratch or want to manage a Data team, this program is for you. 

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Full Stack Data Science Bootcamp Jedha
duration icon jedha
420 hours
Fullstack Data Bootcamp

Get your job in Data by following Jedha's Fullstack bootcamp.

From building your data pipeline, to deploying web applications integrating your algorithms, to predictive analysis with the most advanced Machine Learning & Deep Learning methods, you will master the entire data value chain.

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Data Engineering Bootcamp Jedha
duration icon jedha
70 hours
Lead Data Bootcamp

The Data Engineering & DevOps skills are among the most sought after by recruiters. Learn how to build solid Data infrastructures, feed them and optimize them.

You will master theautomation of these pipelines so that they can accommodate an ever-increasing volume of data: advanced technical skills await you in this program!

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The Data professions are opening up to you

Specialists in Data education, we deliver comprehensive training on all aspects of the sector: Data Analysis, Data Science, Data Engineering, Machine Learning Engineering, DevOps among others.

A close career coaching is also set up to support you in your recruitment process and allow you to achieve the goals you have set yourself, whether you are aiming for a company or the launch of your product

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data scientist career
Data Scientist

It is a very cross-functional job, the Data Scientist takes part in all stages of the Data Science project, from data collection to analysis, including the storage of this data.

solution architect jedha bootcamp
Data Analyst

The Data Analyst is the person capable of extracting data (often SQL) and analyzing it to present it to decision makers. It is a capital job that is more and more sought after!

marchine learning data science
Product Manager Data

Be the bridge between technical and non-technical teams! You will know how to manage AI projects and above all how to guide them towards the best methods and techniques.

technical gain
Business Analyst

One of the most sought-after jobs! You will know how to give the right directions to take thanks to your knowledge of the company's sector of activity, and the technical skills you have acquired.


You will create applications or websites that meet the needs of your business. You will put all these environments in production and automate the data recovery processes!

data manager career
Data Manager

The Data Manager is the person in charge of organizing the data of a company. He will understand the needs and make sure that each team has access to the data it needs.

data science entrepreneur career jedha bootcamp
Develop your AI project

You will have all the skills to develop your tech product. Notice to those who want to add AI in their tech-stack for their project

data consultant career
Machine Learning Engineer

He takes care of the last mile of data! The Machine Learning Engineer intervenes, among other things, to optimize the models so that they can be better deployed throughout the company.

data engineer training with jedha bootcamp
Data Engineer

A highly technical job! The Data Engineer builds the Data infrastructures, and promotes the work of the Data Scientists by putting their models into production.

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