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Have you decided to pursue a career in the field of IT security? You can take a cybersecurity training course to become a Junior Cybersecurity Analyst and solve IT problems for companies. We tell you more in this article!

The cybersecurity analyst has become a priority issue on the job market, as companies are increasingly falling victim to cyberattacks aimed at stealing, modifying or destroying sensitive computer systems. Today, this IT profile is essential in companies that wish to protect their sensitive data. Let's take a look at the missions assigned to the Junior Cybersecurity Analyst, his or her skills, qualities, the salary he or she can expect, the training required to enter this profession and the possible career development.

What is a Junior Cybersecurity Analyst?

It ensures the integrity and confidentiality of important company data.

It is a profession that is developing rapidly in this new business environment, which is more marked by cyber threats. This professional deals with security incidents that occur on servers and other machines in the company. They not only detect them, but also analyse them to understand their sources and take the necessary measures to protect the operating systems in an optimal way.

What is its role/mission?

A Junior Cybersecurity Analyst is responsible for ensuring the quality of tools and IT in accordance with the norms, regulations, standards and procedures in force. He/she must therefore be familiar with the architecture standards and implement network usage rules and define actions to prevent cyber attacks, intrusions, information theft, denial of service, phishing, brute force attacks or ransomware. It is the person who ensures that the company's computer systems and networks function properly.

It provides expertise in the implementation of new technologies in the field of security and risk management. This approach consists first of all of carrying out a diagnosis of the information system, in order to detect the weak points and to provide the best protection solutions.

In addition, they develop and implement IT security strategies. Whether it's email abuse, identity theft or system infiltration, the role of the Junior Cybersecurity Analyst is to manage crises and resolve all IT issues. They are also responsible for educating employees who use software and information systems on best practices to avoid security breaches. They can advise clients on IT security processes. 

It is the guarantor of the durability of security systems, and must therefore carry out the necessary updates according to new technologies to deal with new threats.

What are its competences?

To excel in the job of Cybersecurity Analyst requires a good knowledge of computer security. You need to have a thorough understanding of network procedures, system testing procedures and operating systems. You also need to know the rules and codes that allow the exchange of data in computer systems.

What are its qualities?

Like all jobs related to IT security, the work of the Cybersecurity Analyst requires rigour, common sense and a keen sense of organisation. Indeed, any company manager wants to entrust the management of his IT system to a competent and serious professional. This professional often has to manage multiple tasks and projects at the same time. People who are perfectionists and curious are profiles that are more successful in this sector.

A good Junior Cybersecurity Analyst is a good interpersonal and team player, which allows him/her to communicate easily with colleagues, even those without IT security expertise. They must be able to work under pressure to better manage crisis situations and to solve complex problems. This job also requires good diplomacy and a good customer approach.

What is his salary?

The median salary of a Junior Cybersecurity Analyst varies according to the size and location of the company employing him/her. In France, it is around 36,000 euros per year and can go up to 56,000 euros with experience. Some prefer to work as freelancers and earn around 20 euros per hour.

What are the possibilities for career development?

Any company would like to entrust its IT system to a Junior Cybersecurity Analyst who can take on various responsibilities and progress to more senior positions in IT security. With experience, this professional can be promoted to the position of SOC Manager (Security Operation Center) and ensure the planning, management and monitoring of daily operations, in order to detect security breaches and suspicious or malicious activities in the IT system.

They can move up to the position of Information System Manager. Some junior profiles prefer to join the police as a Cybercrime Investigator.

How to become a Junior Cyber Security Analyst?

There are several ways to become a Junior Cybersecurity Analyst. You can take a professional master's degree in SSI at an engineering school specialising in computer science, computer networks and telecommunications. Most of them have a 5-year degree. Some people with IT security skills prefer to train via bootcamps such as Jedha's cybersecurity training or online. 

As you will have understood, the job of Cybersecurity Analyst has become indispensable in companies that are subject to attacks, such as the theft of intellectual property, the exploitation of private web browsers, password sniffing or access violations. A security intelligence system must be put in place to protect the organisation's sensitive computer data. Today, companies do not hesitate to recruit this IT security profile to optimise their information systems. Training in this profession allows you to quickly find a job and embrace a promising professional career in cybersecurity, as there are more than 5,000 positions available in this field, according to the results of a recent study. In addition, the remuneration of the Junior Cybersecurity Analyst is attractive.

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Louana Lelong
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