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Data CPF training

Get a state-recognised certificate, equivalent to BAC +3/4, thanks to Jedha's Data training courses and finance your programmes with your CPF balance.
Certificate "Data Science Designer-Developer"

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Build your future in data

A state-approved diploma

The level 6 certificate"Data Science Designer-Developer" created by Jedha, is registered in the Répertoire National des Compétences Professionnelles (RNCP), and thus recognised by the Ministry of Labour and Professional Training.

This certificate attests to the acquisition of the skills most in demand by recruiters. Through this training, you will master the entire data value chain (Data Analysis, Data Engineering, Data Science, Data Management, etc.) and achieve your professional goals (retraining, professional development or business creation).

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Finance your training with the CPF

What is the CPF?

If you're a current or former employee, you're likely to have accumulated credits on your Compte Personnel de Formation (CPF). You can use them as you see fit for training purposes, as long as the course you have in mind is eligible .

How do I use it? A simplified approach

Simply create an account on the Mon Compte Formation website. If you'd like us to guide you through the process in just a few steps, you can make an appointment directly with our admissions team.

Am I eligible?

Whether you've changed company or job during your career, your CPF credits belong to you. Whether you're a job-seeker, an employee or a retrainee, this method of financing is still little-known by some of the working population, but it does enable you to train at a lower cost.

Can be used for all 3 Jedha training courses

Our part-time and full-time Essentials, Fullstack and Lead Data training courses on all our campuses are eligible for the CPF. Find out more from our admissions team, by applying or requesting the syllabus.

Top-ranked Data training

With an average score of 4.97/5 established by Switch up, the world's leading directory of tech bootcamps, Jedha is ranked first in the French data training ranking, and 6th worldwide. This is a reflection of our desire to provide knowledge in line with the needs of students and companies .

It is a real source of pride to be able to support our students in the realisation of their professional projects, to make them autonomous in Data and to see them bring value to the companies in which they work.

Their training has opened up new horizons for them, whether they want to set up their own company in AI or launch their career in data.
Hayet Bezzeghoud
From Pharma to Data
We studied a lot of application cases, along with mathematics - it was intense! At the end of the course, we had a specific module dedicated to technical preparation for interviews, which really helped us to justify our skills. At Finexkap, there are now 3 of us in the company's Data department, which also helps me to develop my skills. There are a lot of things to set up within the company, such as NLP or Data Engineering, and there are a lot of projects to set up!
jedha student
Florian Akretche
From Music to Data
I took the Essentials course part-time (at a distance because of COVID). I found this course to be a very good introduction for anyone wishing to move into the data industry. The lecturer was able to make the concepts studied accessible to all profiles and to make the lessons lively and interactive despite the distance. I also really appreciated the availability of the staff, even outside class hours. I highly recommend this course. As for me, I'm going to continue my apprenticeship with Jedha with the Fullstack program.
Jedha student
Mathieu Berthier
From customer service to data
It's simple: for each module we tackled - Python, Data Viz, Machine Learning - we had projects to carry out. For Python, we created forms and questionnaires, for development we created a website, and for Data Viz, Dashboards. For Machine Learning & Deep Learning, we created complex models to respond to various problems. Image recognition, for example, is something I never thought I'd be able to do when I first arrived!
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3 programs to master the Data pipeline...
Jedha fundamentals
40 hours

Data Essentials Bootcamp

Learn the fundamentals of Data. You will use Business Intelligence and Data Visualization tools with Tableau, you will manipulate SQL databases on the Google Cloud Platform, you will see how to program in Python as well as the fundamentals of statistics to be able to conduct A/B tests as well as studies on structured data sets. You will also learn how to build Machine Learning algorithms to create your first Artificial Intelligence applications.

Whether you are starting from scratch or want to manage a Data team, this programme is for you. 

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Full Stack Data Science Bootcamp Jedha
420 hours

Fullstack Data Bootcamp

In this course, you will master the entire data pipeline. First you will learn about data mining and the principles of statistics. Then you will start Data Management with the use of the AWS cloud platform. You will build advanced Machine Learning and Deep Learning algorithms. You will learn how to use Big Data technologies with Spark to finish with the deployment of your Data applications with Docker and SageMaker.

If you want to launch your AI project or start your career as a Data Analyst or Data Scientist, this programme is for you.

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Data Engineering Bootcamp Jedha
70 hours

Lead Data Bootcamp

Learn to manage all types of data infrastructures. You will learn to build, maintain and optimize complex pipelines. You will learn to code in Scala to manage Big Data problems. You will build ETL processes with Airflow as well as DevOps with Gitlab and production environments with Docker and Kubernetes. After this training, you will reach a Lead level in Data and will have skills that are extremely rare on the market.

If you are looking for a job as a Data Engineer, this programme is for you.

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The Data professions are opening up to you

As specialists in Tech education, we provide you with comprehensive training on all aspects of the sector: Data Analysis, Data Science, Data Engineering, Machine Learning Engineering, DevOps and more.

We also offer close career coaching to help you achieve your recruitment goals, whether you are looking for a company or a product launch.

Whether you want to manage technical teams or simply understand their vocabulary, whether you want to launch your career by understanding the global environment without committing to a lengthy course, you've found Essentials!

There are other careers available to you, such as Business Analysts.

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marchine learning data science

Data Scientist

It's a cross-functional job, with the Data Scientist taking part in all stages of the Data Science project, from data collection to analysis and storage.

jedha bootcamp data science

Data Analyst

The Data Analyst is the person capable of extracting data (often SQL) and analyzing it for presentation to decision-makers. It's a vital profession that's increasingly in demand!

career as a data manager

Product Manager Data

Be the bridge between the technical and non-technical teams! You will know how to manage AI projects and, above all, how to guide them towards the best methods and techniques.

solution architect jedha bootcamp

Data Engineer

A highly technical job! The Data Engineer builds Data infrastructures, and promotes the work of Data Scientists by putting their models into production.

Business Analyst

A highly sought-after job! Your knowledge of the company's business sector and the technical skills you've acquired will enable you to give the right directions.


You'll create applications or websites that meet your company's needs. You'll put all these environments into production and automate data recovery processes!

Develop your AI project

You'll have all the skills you need to develop your tech product. For those who want to add AI to their tech-stack for their project

Machine Learning Engineer

He's in charge of the last mile of data! Among other things, the Machine Learning Engineer optimizes the models so that they can be better deployed throughout the company.

Data Manager

The Data Manager is the person in charge of the proper management of data within an organisation. He or she will understand the needs and ensure that each team has access to the data it needs.

Where do our alumni work after the Essentials course?

After our Essentials training, our alumni work as project managers, data analysts, business analysts or consultants and more in distinguished companies. 

Jedha student
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portrait chiara
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portrait antoine guerrini
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Jedha student
portrait wolfgang fernandez
jedha student
jedha student
portrait camille destombes
Jedha student
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